Coaching for Calm

Do you have a wish for the world? I do! I wish for more peace and calm so people can truly enjoy their lives and connect with others from their heart. I coach for calmness by offering ways to live life with less stress. Pick up a few self care and healing tools and see new possibilities for staying centered, no matter what is happening. We begin wherever you are with the intention to meet your needs for calm. Our time together might involve Reiki Healing Energy, Tapas Acupressure Technique or healing conversations for accessing your own intuition and knowing. It would be my honor to be present to you and journey awhile together!

Coaching for Calm includes:

~Healing energy sessions tailored to your needs

~Learning self care practices that nurture your capacity for calm

~Transforming stress to realign with your heart and dreams

~Practicing being present to yourself and those you love

We will collaborate and following creative guidance so your 'yes!' to being fully present to your life and healing is realized!